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As beach and travel lovers, we wanted to create our own eco-friendly swimwear brand – Annaha Swimwear is now a reality! Located in Switzerland, we are two young active women who have designed the collection. We have ideas; our partners in Europe have the expertise to create them.


Our swimwears are modern, comfy and elegant.  We have created 3 tops, 3 bottoms and one one-piece swimwear. You can match them as you like, whether you prefer a nice comfy swimsuit bottom with great sexy details or high panties, you will find yours! The three tops are also quite different but all very comfortable and mixable with any bottom swimsuit. The one-piece is also designed to be wearable like a body during the day. 

One detail is essential on our designs : our collection must suit and ensure a perfect fit to every woman. That's why we have chosen a strap and nod system (Elastic on some sporty collection : Oahu) that can adjust to any bodyshape.


The preservation of the planet is also one of the main concerns for us when thinking about creating our own brand. We’re fond of travelling, exploring and discovering new beautiful places. That‘s why we would like to act, at our level, on the conservation of our beautiful nature and being an eco-friendly brand seems like a good way to contribute to a better world while realising our dream. We have therefore decided to use only recycled nylon as the fabric for our bikinis. This nylon is 100% made with nylon trash collected in oceans and landfill sites. It is manufactured by an Italian company. 

From a marketing point of view, we have also decided to use hang tags made with seed paper. It’s 100% biodegradable and thanks to these hang tags you will have the pleasure to get a nice wild flower bouquet by planting it. Just a cool way to remember Annaha’s swimwear!  We try to keep as much as possible the brand eco-friendly and have a low impact on our environment. All our suppliers are in Europe and have ethical and professional commitments. 

Last but not the least, we want to act on the social and associative field and contribute to help people or nature, with a donation to local associations. We will dedicate 0.50 CHF on each sale (from June 2019) to associations and foundations around us. Feel free to suggest an association ! 


We are cousins and we both live in Switzerland, in the French-speaking part called Romandie. Valerie is 40 years old (don't worry she looks way much younger ;)) and Aurélie is 28. Our relationship is more of a sister-sister one than cousins.

We both had the chance to live on Islands during our childhood : in Guam for Valérie and in Guadeloupe for Aurélie. This “island life” has always been a part of us, it’s in our blood we guess, that's why we love travelling, discovering new places and, when possible, together !

We decided to create Annaha Swimwear because we needed new challenges in our lives and of course because we are passionate about swimwear.

This project is the opportunity for us to achieve something we like and that we believe in. For now, we are both working in other fields and we really hope that this is the beginning of a new life for us and that we will be able to do this at full time soon. 

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The meaning of Annaha is a mix of love & ocean.


Naha comes from the first name Nahia which means waves of the sea in Greek.

An is a lovely tribute to Aurelie's mum, who unfortunately past away recently. 

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